A unique range of offerings, with superior quality characteristics, free of the typical defects of traditional wood, providing unlimited solutions, in the catalogue or in custom creations, always with uniform colors and sizes, ready to be reproduced over time, for multiple application areas, on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
The metamorphosis of a natural material, which thanks to technology achieves high performance and ecosustainable quality. From wood to wood... from the material to a new material that transcends pre-set codes of workmanship and technology, making every ALPI wood, every project, convey new expressive and customized interpretations. Textures, colors, structures made to measure for every design need.

Peeling, dyeing, compounding, gluing, pressing, squaring, slicing, testing... this is the production sequence of ALPI wood, in which form and substance establish a dialogue between technical and manual skill: ALPI breaks down and reassembles Poplar, Lime Wood or Ayous, all of rigorously controlled origin, into infinite varieties, finishes and decorative effects, through a particular process that peels the log, then dyeing the wood by immersion, after which the dyed sheets are layered to create a new log. A fascinating production process, where time only apparently stands still and a living material like wood is enhanced thanks to the most innovative technologies and the remarkable cultural heritage of manual skill. 

A leader in the production of decorative composite wood surfaces, thanks to constant R&D activities, ALPI provides highly diversified solutions in terms of types of wood, perfectly replicating the colors and grain of natural wood, or creating patterns that cannot be found in nature, with original chromatic effects, also when combined with materials of other kinds.
The range includes over 90 catalogue proposals available in stock, which ALPI constantly updates and enriches to respond to all the creative needs of designers, alongside the unlimited selection of bespoke solutions.
The continuity of supply of the same articles over time represents an important plus for the world of design, together with absolute certification of the origin of the materials.
Infinite design potentiality: continuously upgraded and enhanced, ALPI woods can be developed in an enormous variety of wood types, textures and color variants.
The catalogue collections are available into the Wood and Designer lines, where the latter includes creations from some of the outstanding names on the international design scene.


ALPI Collection